joi, 10 noiembrie 2016

Election Night- A manifest against the professional politician class

November 2016- We have been preparing as a global community  for the election night. The American people had to choose between a professional politician and an opportunist businessman.

The difference shown in procentage was 2-3%, Hilary being the favourite.
What we have witnessed during Wednesday morning has been interpreted as a manifest against the professional politician class.
As a psychological refusal of the population to continue under professional trainees, the frustration and the disappointment made a significant point on the political stage.  Looking back at the electoral campaigns, we have seen a woman who had an entire mass media army by her side. It only takes a few seconds to realise that she kept on trying to capture every age segment's attention. Desperate? No, she was far from being so.  On the other side, Trump never tried to get his image corelated with other celebrities'. This might have been seen as Trump being assertive.

Coming back to the population and the angry feeling shown, were they really signs of frustration? Were they really revolting? Let' s take a closer look. The American dream was the aim for which millions of teenagers came for in the last decades
 During globalization, every citizen of every country is able to travel, to work and to emigrate. The low standard jobs were occupied by emigrants. Jobs that weren't wanted by any American. Think of it as a little apple tree in a district. It makes little and sour apples. The residents never liked it, they even thought of cutting it. One day, a stranger stops by and grabs an apple. All the residents will come outside in the next moment and will start to yell that it was their tree and one should not take any of its fruit. They perceived the stranger as an intruder, not one of them. So can you see the psychological argument that Trump had  on the population?

The Americans do not want promises and refuse to follow the same track they heve been following. They wanted a new type of candidate. They do not wish for equality anymore. They want to reconquer what was theoretically theirs. "Make America great again".... A simple statement that stole the hearts of the American citizens. They basically said NO to tolerance.

Moreover, after wining the elections, he announced publically that NATO won't be as strong economically ecouraged as it was before. Passing by all the presidents letters of congratulations that aimed the strnghtening of the cooperation between USA and the EU/ NATO countries, we shall see how open minded will the US president will be regarding the future global problems. 
To sum up in an optimistic way, it's my personal belief that when you have the power to press the buttons, you cannot push whatever button you want as there will always be people around that will not allow you a specific move.