marți, 13 ianuarie 2015

Cultural Romania Radio

The new year has just begun and as I found out yesterday, it promises a lot of surprises.
The Secretary General of MUNOB 2015 and also my friend, Andrei Marinica and I were invited at the Radio to present the MUNOB project.
It was early in the morning, at 8:45, when we entered the studio. We were introduced to 

Diana Joicaliuc and Dan Vasiliu, the hosts of the "Espresso" live transmision. Both very friendly and opened minded, explained us how would things go on.It was pretty fun to talk in the microphones and maybe to fell important for 15 minutes

We tried our best to make the followers curious about it and I, as the conference manager, tried to find sponsors through the radio. Maybe some sponsors have listened to the show! Cross fingers! :)
It was maybe an marvellous experience, one of the little surprises that life may offer to make you smile.