marți, 3 iunie 2014

MUNOB 2014

Hey, guys! As my free time is quite limited to almost 0, I finally found some time to write about my experience in Model United Nations of Bucharest 2014.
My highschool, the "Mihai Viteazul" National College, hosted this wonderful event in which participants from Denmark, Latvia, Spain, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Tunis and Poland. Being at its third edition, having 7 committees and over 150  participants.
I represented Luxembourg in ECOSOC as a delegate. I succeed in having my resolution passed over one of the two topics we had been discussing and moreover, I held a speech in GA. I was very nervous while speaking in front of such a diversified and this made my voice trembling. In the end, I took the prize for the best delegate.It was interesting to communicate with all the international students. This year we had a surprise: the ex- "Mihai Viteazul" National College pupils, now actual university level students, had return to chair our meetings.
I have been a host for the second time. This time for Nelia, a young and lovely girl from Spain. I made a friend and we had a wonderful time together. It was nice to share my country's culture and to have a cultural change. For Nelia, MUNOB was her first MUN and she was in Romania for the first time. I tried to make her week, a  beautiful one. My little brother attached a lot to her. All the parties, hanging-outs, time spent together made me realize that I have a wonderful friend in Barcelona.
I hope that next year, at MUNOB 2015, I will see the majority of the old delegates!
Delegates, see you soon!

P.S. I have a little surprise for you: my committee held an artistic moment at the closing ceremony! Enjoy!

The Opening Ceremony - Patriarchy Palace

The Opening Ceremony

Security Council- The ambassador of USA

Andreea Irina Florea- Secretary General