marți, 29 octombrie 2013

Superstitions about time

This article is just for your entertainment. Please, do not take it seriously! :)
I found it on the Internet and I thought it is an interesting and funny way for staring at the watch while you are bored.

00:00  The love will last forever.
01:00  You are always thinking of him.
02:00  He / She wants to date you.
03:00  He sincerely is falling for you.
04:00  This relationship is becoming serious.
05:00  You should take a break.
06:00  Somebody is taking part in your life.
07:00  You are loved by the person you hate.
08:00  You are lucky for all the rest of the day. 
09:00  Good news.
10:00  A blonde guy likes you.
11:00  He or she loves you with all his or hers heart.
12:00  You should smile.
13:00  A brunette guy is falling for you.
14:00  You are lucky when you are together.
15:00  You miss him/ her.
16:00  Someone is waiting for you.
17:00  You are invited to a party.
18:00  Be more confident.
19:00  Just a kiss.
20:00  You should smile.
21:00  Just believe in love.
22:00  Someone is crazy about you.
23:00  He wants you to be his only.