miercuri, 21 august 2013

The Valley of the Stronghold (Valea cetăţii) cave

The cave is located at 3.5 kilometers away from Râşnov and at only 1.5 kilometers away from the ruins of the Râşnov citadel, at no more than 790 meters altitude.
As you walk on the footpath, you will remain astonished to see the wonders of the nature. The marvelous trees, the smell of the cold dew and the little birds that fly freely, all of these combined create a simple, but a spectacular view.

The moment you climb the route and you reach the entrance, the frozen air takes you breath away. The length is about 1 kilometers.
What makes this cave different from the others? It is maybe unbelievable, but here, every Saturday evening, 5 members of the Filarmonica orchestra agreed to hold a concert. The clarinet is the main instrument for it is the only which can face the humidity.
I hope you will have a great time if you ever pass by.


  Text: Cristea Maria Francesca
Fotografii: Cristea Maria Francesca