sâmbătă, 18 mai 2013

Fame or succes ?- this is the question

Nowadays, having a social status means everything, especially when you are the fortunate member of a European community. However, is fame more important than the "timid" success?

Being famous represents a huge responsibility. You are a public person and you must act properly, in order to become an example for the rest of the people. Everybody will be watching you and even a little mistake can decrease your career ascent. It can be true that being known can give you lots of advantages, but it can also cost you the most beautiful thing in the life: intimacy.

To be successful requires, first of all, hard-work and patience. The way to success is paved with difficult challenges- it is easy to reach the top but it is harder to maintain yourself there.You can benefit from your relations and be proud of your efforts.

If  I were you to choose, I would be successful but not so well-known. I think that separating  your social life from your private one is very important.


Text:  Cristea Maria Francesca