luni, 29 aprilie 2013

 Writing- the oldest way of having fun

Writing stories is a very old method to relieve your soul. Shy people discovered centuries ago that they can tell the others how they feel without actually talking. They invented the letters and the diaries, in which they could talk about everythig they wanted to.

 I first got interested in writing when I was eight years old. I had just learnt to write when my aunt came to visit us. She started  to tell me about her latest life's stories and she told me about her finding a real bat in her house. After that story I went to my room and I wondered:"How can I be inmy aunt's place?". I remembered then about the book stories and I found out the answer. I made up a narrative where I was the main character.

I found it creative and relaxing. After a long or bad day your mood changes if you paint letters on the paper and put your feelings there. You can detach yourself from all the stress and you can work on it thinking that you are just a simple reader and you advise the character on what he should do.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend writing as a hobby because for me it is one of the most interesting, relaxing and creative way to spend valuable time.

                                                                                                 Cristea Maria-Francesca